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Developing the young workforce

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P5 Creative Cafe

On Thursday 31st May 2018 P5 presented their terms hard work in a Creative Cafe. Children and adults alike really enjoyed the experience. Some of the quotes below underline how successful the event was.

Quotes form parents and carers

Wonderful morning, children have worked so hard and learned so much well done

So much work went into this well done to all

Children have had a great learning experience and presented their work confidently, brilliant

Excellent topic which the children really enjoyed, thank you to all the helpers

They all did a fantastic job

Very informative, thank you

Very interesting / enjoyable / fun

Really good and important children learn about the importance of food

Was lovely to see how confident children are

Very well organised and presented by the children. Hats off to staff for the amount of hard work put into this event

Very interesting, Wish school was like that 60 years ago

Fab! What a lot of work has gone into this. Great opportunity for children. Very informative, Thanks

Could not fault anything


Quotes from children

I liked showing the parents information on cereal boxes and explaining how it is important for our bodies.

We learned the names of the organs and it was amusing helping the parents put the organs in the right place.

I learned how much sugar was in cereals and it surprised me how much there was.

I enjoyed telling parents about our survey results and some parents were shocked that some children do not eat breakfast.

I enjoyed the creative café because we got to try new fruits like avocado and passion fruit.

I loved telling the adults what we have been learning this term.

Learning about fibre, salt and sugar in cereals was interesting because I did not realise there was so much salt and sugar in some cereals.




Nursery – Den building

As we continue to make full use of our outdoor space and to develop some of the children’s interests in building and making tents we thought we could utilise all of the cut down bushes and branches from the school garden to create our own den! Great job everyone!





Nursery – there’s a new job in the Job centre!

To continue to Develop our a Young Workforce we have implemented a new vacancy within our job centre; ‘outdoor risk assessor’.

To ensure that the children had as much input in this activity as possible we firstly spoke of  anything that could be dangerous outside and why it may cause them harm.   We then used this information to create our own Risk Assessment that has meaning to the children as they made it themselves.




Great job everyone!

P6 and P6/7 Creative Cafe

Today Primary 6 and Primary 6/7 shared their learning with family and friends during their Creative Cafe. Pupils welcomed guests with a special performance of the song, “We are all in this together.” Afterwards guests could visit the many stations prepared by the pupils. Stations included Technology, Science, Maths and Rights Respecting Schools. Finally guests enjoyed a cafe experience run by pupils.

The Creative Cafe was a great success enjoyed by all! Well done Primary 6 and Primary 6/7 for all your hard work.

  • “I enjoyed working with a different group and performing for the visitors.”
  •  “Learning the song and actions was good fun, I think we did a great job.”
  • “Sharing the information with parents was something I enjoyed.”
  •  “I thought it was a really good experience because some people at home did not know what we are doing in school so this gave them a chance to understand.”
  • “I liked the creative café because I enjoyed setting up a station and working with others.”
  • “It was a fun activity to share our learning with others.”
  • “I enjoyed sharing with the adults what we have learned in school.”
  • “It was nice to work as part of a team and a good experience to work with new people.”
  • “I enjoyed working with all the P6s as it was nice to do something with all the year groups.”

Builder visit

Yesterday Zara’s Dad came to school to talk about his job as a brick layer. He brought in some bricks, a hammer, a mask, some measuring string and some photos of him at college.

‘I enjoyed this visit because I got to hold different tools.’ Cameron

‘I got to try on the goggles and hold a very heavy brick which was really fun.’ Billy

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Soldier visit

Last week Layla’s Dad came to talk about his job as a soldier in the British Army. He came to school in his uniform and brought his big travelling bag.  He told us about the different countries he travelled to and the ways he has travelled around the world.  He told us that it is his job to protect innocent people and keep them safe.  He told us about the sacrifices he has had to make to protect people too.


‘I liked his visit because it was a different job from any other we had heard about.’ Lennox

‘It was interesting because we got to see his equipment.’ Ala

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P6 and P6/7 Creative Cafe

P6 and P6/7 have began working on their Creative Cafe. We have been discussing ideas and making plans for all our different stalls. The cafe will take place on Tuesday 20th March at 9.30am.

Look out for your invitation in school bag mail in the upcoming weeks. We look forward to seeing you all!

Nursery science learning 27th February 2018

The children have been creating their own science lab in the Lion Room. They have been enthused through the science experiments they are taking part in during the circle time and, as they have been shown how to use the equipment, they are very much modelling the young scientist.  Lots of great questioning language, writing and mark making and, of course, experimenting!  Great start to our science learning after the busy creative café of the past few weeks.

Nursery science learning – week beginning 26th February

From our Creative Cafe with chefs, waiters, waitresses and money helpers to Science and Scientists, all in one week!

Throughout all of our baking activities in the lead up to the cafe the children discussed how cookie mixture turned into cookies whilst also talking about how they could smell and taste their baking.  This seemed to be an ideal opportunity to learn more about Science, more specifically science stories……….meaning lots of experiments!

Look, the ice melted!

Mixing station.

It feels really cold….it’s ice!

Future scientists……mixing their own experiments.

The children were very much part of setting up ther Science Lab, meaning they were aware of all of it’s contents and how to use them. They also learned that some of our group experiments were only to look at and not to touch.


Our first science story – The coloured water experiment.

Day 2 – look there’s more colour in the kitchen roll.

Day 3 – the red one is really red now.


Experiment 2 – The rotten apple experiment.

Completely by chance we foun one of our snack apples was a little rotten at the top.  When looking at the apple the children decided that it wouldn’t taste to good,also descibing it as”broken”! We thought we could use it as an experiment and watch waht would happen to it over a few days.


Day 2 – Eugh, that looks horrible!

Day 3 – Oooh, the brown bit is getting bigger!

Watch this space for more rottten apple updates!!


Expereiment 3 – The volcano!


Scientists ready!

For this experiment we need vinegar…….not everyone liked the smell!

Thinking about whether to smell the vinegar.

We all have our own bicarbonate of soda.

First we add the vinegar.

And a bit more.

And a bit more.

And just a little more.

Lets add some red colouring now.

Then we tip in our bicarbonate of soda………

………and whoosh!!!


Although Science is our learning focus throughout both rooms, the Lab is set up in the Lion Room.  To allow all of our children to benefit from the same experiences, the Butterfly children visted the Lab to see all of the equipment,how to use it and to help with some more experiments.

Throughout the week we have been creating some science sensory bottles, adding varying ingredients (water, baby oil, sequins, glitter, hair gel to name but a few!) to bottles and predicting what may happen. These bottles, although a really simple idea have been hugely impactful to the children’s learning, by making them really think whilst also extending their language and allowing them to develop an understanding of science.


Although,  after hearing the words “I wonder what would happen if we mixed the hair gel with water” then we had to find out……..

A fantastic week of learning in the nursery, with more to follow. If you have any ideas relating to science and any experiments you know about please let one of the staff know…..we would be more than happy for you to pass on any knowledge you have to our highly enthusiastic children!

Nursery Creative Cafe

All of our hard work and weeks of learning ended with our Creative Cafe, our joint venture with Primary 1. We have managed to include almost all areas of the Curriculum throughout our activities: numeracy when weighing and measuring our baking ingredients. Literacy when creating our menus and writing out orders when working in our cafes. Also when baking we used and spoke about our senses therefore touched on Science. Consequently, as we developed our knowledge of the workforce alongside all other areas of learning we were able to confidently carry out our roles with the cafe.

All of the photos below are mainly of our waiters and waitresses who did a fantastic job of serving everyone.  To see all of our other Creative Cafe photos please have a look at all other nursery and Primary 1 blog posts.

Finally, thanks to everyone who came along to the Cafe, with your support the whole venture became a very real, worthwhile and exciting experience.

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