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After school club 18/19

Breakfast Club & Out of School Care

Polite reminder to parents that the booking forms for next session are now available via the website or at the school office.

These need to be filled in and returned by THIS FRIDAY (3rd May). Even if you are currently using the service a form must still be filled in and returned to the school in order to secure a place next session.

Spaces are limited and these bookings are made on a first come first serve basis.


Doctors in the Making

The girls were very busy working in the doctor’s surgery today.


They worked very hard treating all their patients.


They even treated Miss Cowie for her sore throat.

New Snacks

The children seem to be loving our new snack menu!


Here they are enjoying fish fingers and beans.


Lots of empty plates means they must have enjoyed the pizza.


For free for all Friday today we had bagels.

Busy Day at OOSC

We were very busy at OOSC today.


The boys made some new pens with our marker maker.


The children made themselves little offices and computers in the wendy house. One of the children was designing apps on their computer.



Snack Menu

As of Monday we will have a slightly different snack menu in OOSC. Feel free to take a look at it below.

OOSC Snack Menu

Security Gate

Polite reminder to parents to please close the security gate behind them when approaching and leaving the ELCC building. This gate is used as a safety measure for the building which is rendered useless if left open. Keeping the gate closed not only safeguards your child when leaving the building but other children as well.

We appreciate your cooperation on this matter.


Outdoor Play

We’ve had lots of fun playing outside in the nice weather we had recently.


Here are some of the boys playing in the garden.


Here are some of the boys playing dodgeball.


Here are the children digging in the garden. P.s sorry for the muddy clothes!!


Rainy Day = Movie Day

Due to the horrible rainy weather outside the children decided they wanted to have a movie day today! They’re all having a great time watching Horrid Henry.

Spare Clothes

Due to the grass being so muddy at the moment we have decided to give parents the option for their child to bring a bag of spare clothes labelled with their name on it for them to change into when they go outside to play. We are willing to store and wash these clothes so that parents do not need to worry about their children coming home with their school uniform all muddy.



Valentine’s Day

We had a lot of fun activities for the children do to leading up to Valentine’s Day this year!


We made love heart paintings.


We made lots of cards.


We even made love hearts out of hama beads!