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Stacey Campbell

Money money money

Primary 2 have been busy learning about money this week. We have been taking part in activities at different stations.  We have been learning to identify all British coins by their different features.  Our stations included role play at our shop, games on the computer and colouring and matching coins to their amounts.

Here is the link to the game we were playing,

Here are some snaps of us in action!


Road safety week competition

Thank you for all your Road Safety poster entries, they were fantastic! It was a very difficult to pick winners from each class but eventually we managed it!

We, the JRSO team, have selected a winning poster from each class, which you can see below. Make sure to look out for the winning posters, around the school car park.

C block road safety rotations

Today for Road Safety Week, we enjoyed a carousel of activities in C-block involving P5, P6 and P7.

  1. With Mr. Henstridge we looked at a Road Safety PowerPoint and answered questions all about road safety.
  2. With Mrs. Chalmers we enjoyed blether stations. This allowed us to share our opinions on current rules of the road such as whether we agree with speed limits around schools
  3. With Mrs Nicholson we enjoyed a range of computer games all in relation to road safety from the Think! website.
  4. With Mr. Ross we learnt all about the different road crossing including Toucan, Zebra and Subways.
  5. Finally with Miss Allan we created our Road Safety posters. These will will be entered into a completion with winning entries from each class being displayed around our school carpark.

“It’s good to make road safety posters so adults and children know in the carpark have information such as the speed limit and where to park – it makes them more aware.”

“I learnt that a solid white line means no overtaking and a broken white line means it’s okay to overtake.”

“Always look left and right when crossing the road.”

“I am making a road safety poster about looking both ways when crossing.”

“I made a speed limit poster, explaining that school car park speed limit is 5mph.”

“I enjoyed the blether stations because it was nice to talk and share opinions.”

“I liked the computer game where you had to cross when no cars were coming and the game where you got to be a police officer.”

“The fine for drivers when they are caught speeding is on average £100.”

“I learned all the different types of crossing for example the toucan crossing which comes from two-can-cross so bikes and pedestrians can use the same crossing.”

“I liked the blether stations because we could say what we thought about rules of the road.”

“I learned not to be silly on the road because it can hurt others.”

“My favourite activity was creating a road safety poster which helps people to stay safe.”

“I enjoyed being in a mixed group with lots of different classes.”

“Today was really good – it was good because the activities were fun and we were learning all about road safety.”

“I liked the game don’t distract Dad, so it taught me how to behave in the car when mum and dad are driving”

“I learned all about the different crossing which I didn’t know before.”

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Coding for Beginners and Primary 2 Homework

We have started using a new website in class called

Start on course A and work through the levels.

If you make an account you can save your progress through the levels.

The videos give instructions on how to complete each activity but they are not necessary to watch.

Happy Coding!

Super scientist visit

On Thursday Daisy’s Mum came to visit the class. She talked about her job as a biomedical scientist. Mrs Cheng showed us pictures of blood and blood cells.  She also took in her uniform which is a white lab coat, safety goggles, gloves and ID badge.  Her job involves testing people’s blood to check if it is made up of enough red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

‘I think Mrs Cheng’s job is important because she takes care of people by checking their blood.’ Zara H

‘I really enjoyed her visit. I want to be a scientist now too.’ Abbie

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Welcome to our page dedicated to information about Road safety.  Here our Junior Road Safety officers will provide information and events that surround road safety in our school. 


Joyful joins

New year, new challenges have been accepted in Primary 2 as some of the boys and girls continue to learn to join their writing.  Here are some examples of the beautifully presented work we created so far this week.

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Christmas Homework

I have attached a copy of the P1/2 Christmas homework. Thank you all for taking part in it and already checking some of the Christmas activities off of the list.

Here is what we have done so far…

Christmas Homework

‘I played a board game (scrabble) and I also ate my favourite food…the best food which is ice cream!’ – Eva

‘I watched Deck the Halls, my favourite part was when they made the Christmas dinner.’ – Evie (p1)

‘I watched the Christmas movie, Arthur Christmas, in school and at home!’ – Daniel

‘I tickled my brother to make him laugh!’ – Tillie

‘I wrapped a Christmas present.’ – Amelie

‘I wrapped a Christmas present for my brother.’ – Jason

‘I made a Christmas card for my little brother.’ – Tyler

‘I carved the word ‘Elf’ on a melon.’ – Nathan

‘I wrapped a Christmas present for mybig brother.’ – Finn

‘I spent time with my family.’ – Erin