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Stacey Campbell

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Girls football cancelled

Girls football that normally takes place on a Tuesday after school will be cancelled until further notice.


Friendship Friday skills group

We had lots of fun at the baking skills group this week with Miss Campbell. The Kelpies group made fairy cakes and even helped with the washing up afterwards! Great job everyone!


Founder’s Day/ Thinking Day

We will be celebrating Founder’s/ Thinking day (22nd February) this Friday 21st February.  This is a day to celebrate achievements within the scouting and guiding communities.  If you are a member of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Rainbows, Brownies of Guides please wear your uniform this Friday.

Holm News reviews

Holm Primary’s P4 journalists have been working hard on writing reviews of books and films. Here are two more to follow Charley and Erin’s reviews – this time from Abigail and Emily. Next the group will move on to writing news reports from a fictional air crash. Look out for their efforts.


Holm Primary News

Dork Diaries review

By Abigail

The main character of the whole book series is Nikki and she has three best friends. Their names are Chloe,Zoey and Brandon. She also has a little sister called Brianna who is quite weird. And then there is the last and also least character, Mackenzie Hollister. Mackenzie is rude and just a bully to be quite honest.

Dork diaries is honestly a super funny book series. I personally think YOU should read the following books!!

Dork diaries, Dork diaries party time, and Dork diaries POP star. Those are the first three books. You can find a bunch of the Dork Diaries books in The Works (the shop).

Here is what goes on in dork diaries POP star!!!!

Nikki’s school is hosting a talent show, so Nikki said she wasn’t going to do it, but then Mackenzie Hollister stole Nikki’s friends so that they could do a dance and Nikki would be left alone. And that’s all I know.

Read the book if you want to know what happens next!

I like the books because they are funny and just happy books.


Holm Primary News

Live Action Lion King review

By Emily

The main character in the film is Simba – a baby lion who is going to become king. His evil uncle, Scar, who is also a lion, takes over when Simba’s dad dies.

He tells Simba to run away and never return so he can become king instead.

Simba meets a meerkat and a warthog. They are called Timon and Pumba. They are very funny. Simba grows up with them. Eventually Simba defeats scar in a battle with the help of his friends Nala, Timon, Pumba and the other lions.

I recommend you go and see it. Hope you like it.

Fun with Fractions

P5 have been really busy this week learning about fractions. We have been learning to identify fractions.  We have also been learning new terms like numerator, denominator, proper and improper fractions.  Some of us have even started working out how to simplify fractions and find their equivalent form.  Great work this week P5!

Holm Primary News reviews

Journalism is not just about reporting news. Entertainment writers also get involved in reviewing books and films, and that’s just what Holm Primary’s team of budding journalists have been learning about under guidance from Mr Evans – himself a former journalist.

They’ve been writing reviews of their favourite books and films. Here are two reviews from Erin and Charley, who hope you like them. More to follow soon.

Marge in charge

Review BY ERIN

In this book Marge the babysitter is so funny when she always bends Jemima and Jakey’s mum’s rules when she is supposed to be babysitting, and she actually is a royal Duchess.

Marge is not a babysitter, she just likes to play and make a mess, but when she was a duchess she was not allowed to mess around.

Once Marge, instead of giving Jemima and Jakey pizza for dinner, she gives them chocolate soup and they always get to bed on time which is a good thing, and their mum and dad do not know that they stayed up too late.

I think you would enjoy this book and I recommend that you read it.

By Charley P4

Addams Family review

I watched the movie on television towards the end of last year. The main characters are Wednesday Addams, Pugsley Addams, Thing, Morticia Addams, Gomez Addams and Fester Addams.

My favourite part of the film is when they play “Wake the dead”. In Wake the dead all the characters go into the graveyard in their garden and talk to all their relatives by saying “wake up”.

About half way through the film all the characters hold a big party with all their relatives.

I recommend you watch it.


Introduction to orienteering

Please find attached a poster and booking form for an IntrO course for parents, teachers and volunteers that we will be running on 12 Feb at Charleston Community Complex. The course is delivered by a Scottish Orienteering Coach and is Free of charge.


Intro O Booking FormPoster -Intro O

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