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Daily Archives: December 5, 2017


We have been really busy over the last few weeks! We have taken part in lots of fun science and technology experiments to help us learn about the human body. We used playdough, straws, polo mints and pipe cleaners to create models of bones and muscles. We investigated how the stomach, heart and lungs work using plastic bags, tennis balls and balloons! We will be sharing all of our experiments at our Creative Cafe in January!  


UHI Visit

P3 and P3/4 had a great time visiting UHI this week for a microscopy lesson. We learned about different microscopes and how to use them. We had to match pictures which looked very different when they were magnified!

Here are some photos from our visit.    

Nursery learning week of 28th November 2017

This week we have been using The Hungry Caterpillar story to support our learning this week about healthy food and how this helps look after our bodies.  We have read The Hungry Caterpillar story a few times and today the children took charge and retold the story at storytime.  They used the book and props to tell the story and supported each other if they didn’t find the right piece or if their piece fell off the story board.  This has been a fun learning experience for the children and it will now be available in the Nursery for the children to use and learn from this week.

Our hospital from last week has developed a new department, a kitchen.  The children have introduced a hotpital canteen and have been busy making healthy food choices for the hospital patients and staff.  We are using trays from the dinner hall which most of the children recognise.   There are lots of good opportunities to carry full trays from one area to another without spilling!





P3 and P3/4 Creative Cafe

P3 and P3/4 hosted a very successful creative cafe last week on the theme of diversity. We had loads of vistors to see and share our learning. We worked extremely hard to put the cafe together and everyone had a part to play in the cafe. We wanted to show that although we are all different, we all have special talents.

Here are some quotes from the children:-

“I enjoyed singing on stage with my friends”

“I liked acting out the Parable Of The Talents”

“It was fun because there were lots of stations showing our learning.”

“I enjoyed sharing my Taekwando moves in front of the parents”

“I liked sharing the skills I need to be a footballer”

“It was great to sit with parents/carers during our creative cafe”

“I enjoyed making our giant Christmas baubles to sell”



Monday Morning Yoga

We have a yoga session every Monday morning to set us up for the day!
This is what we think of it…

‘It helps us relax’- Cameron

”It keeps our muscles strong’ – Georgia

‘It helps us exercise’ – Ella

‘It’s fun’ – Logan

‘It wakes you up if you’re still a bit tired’ – Erin



Book Bug Week – A Block

We have enjoyed our Book Bug Week.  On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we got to listen to a new story in a different classroom.

Mrs Wojtunik read – The Nutcracker

Miss Moffat read – The Owl who was afraid of the Dark

Miss Campbell read – Six dinner Sid

We have been learning about each story in our book bug bag.  Mrs Matheson gifted our bags to us on Thursday.

‘I have enjoyed mixing up the classes, I like the story in Primary 2 because it was dinosaur story.’ Darci P1

‘I liked the story ‘Gorilla like vanilla’ because he was next in the queue and he never even knew.’ Cole P1

‘I liked going into P1/2 because some of my friends are there.’ Leo 

I have liked all the books the teacher read, my favourite was the ice cream story.’ Sam P1

‘I liked reading the stories during E.R.I.C.’ Kyen 

‘I enjoyed the book where the gorilla likes ice cream’ because the ice cream was so big.’ Alex P1

‘I liked it when we got to hear all the stories, my favourite was the ice cream story.’ Joel 

‘I enjoyed reading all the books, my favourite book was the vanilla one.’ Jack  


On Thursday Mrs Matheson came to A block on a special mission. She gifted our star of the week pupils with book bug bag boxes.  On Friday we invited parents and carers to come and read the book bug books.  We really enjoyed having them in to help.

We had Elizabeth from the library come in to visit each of our classes.  She read us some stories.

Eden Court Drama

Primary 1 had three sessions of story telling drama with Gordon from Eden court.  We have been learning to act and mime.

‘I liked doing the stories in Drama.’ Leo 

‘I enjoyed making the tress for the story.’ Maya

‘I learned how to make a  new story without a book.’ Ayan

‘It was exciting when we did the trees.’ Logan 

‘I learned about all the stories, I was the goblin in the story, I had to pretend to steal the good kings treasure.’ Kate 

‘It was fun when we did the game at the end, Gordon put the story into the jar.’ Jack 

‘I enjoyed doing the game where we had to make our bodies into different shapes.’ Elli