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Daily Archives: December 4, 2017

The Christmas Countdown Is On!

December has only just started but in primary 1/2 we have already been getting the Christmas celebrations started! Here are some of the things we have done already…


‘We have been cutting out shapes of our hands on green paper to make a Christmas Tree.’ – Lewis

‘We put up decorations in the class.’

‘We were making decorations to put up in the class.’ – Tyler

‘We made paper chains and drew Christmas patterns on them.’ – Cameron

‘I had the first calendar chocolate.’ – Nathan

‘I showed the class my magic snow.’ – Tillie

‘The snow got bigger when the hot water went on it.’ – Daniel

‘The snow felt soft’. – Kaiyan

Book Bug Week

Thank you all so much for such a great Book Bug Week! Here are some of the highlights…



‘We took a picture with our owl books because they’re Miss Moffat’s favourite animal.’ – Evie (P1)

‘We read our books.’ – Evie (P2)

‘We have been changing classrooms and the teachers have been reading us different stories.’ – Abbie

‘We have been talking about our books in our classes.’ – Tillie

‘We played the games in our book bug bags.’ – Nathan

‘We took pictures of our favourite books.’ – Logan

‘We wrote book reviews about our favourite books.’ – Cameron

‘We have looked at our books in our book bug bags.’ – Eva

‘We brought our favourite books in.’ – Amelie